Grapevine Classic

2023 — Grapevine, TX/US

WSD Schedule and Motions

World Schools Debate Motions:

Rounds 2/3 (will debate both sides): This House regrets the rise of citizen journalism. Info Slide: Citizen journalism is citizen-based journalism where citizens play an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information. The underlying principle of citizen journalism is that ordinary people, not professional journalists, can be the lead authors and distributors or messages. In recent times, citizen journalism has become more possible thanks to the development of various online platforms.

Round 5: This House opposes the use of public funds for school vouchers.

Semis: This House, as the United States, would build a military base in Palau.

World Schools Debate Schedule:





4:30 PM

RD 1 Impromptu/Judge Training

RD begins @ 5:30


7:30 PM

RD 2 Prepared


8:00 AM

RD 3 Prepared

  9:30 AM

RD 4 Impromptu

RD begins @ 10:30


12:00 PM


Rd 5 Prepared



2:00 PM

Quarters Impromptu

RD begins @3:00


4:30 PM


Semis Prepared



6:00 PM

Finals Impromptu

RD begins @7:00