Stephen Stewart Memorial Middle and High School Invitational

2023 — Milpitas, CA/US

Schedule (tentative)


ALL TIMES ARE Pacific Daylight Time Zone


Noon: digital check in.

4:30PM: Parli Flight 1 topic release, Policy Round 1

5:00PM Varsity and JV round 1

7:00PM Parli flight 1 topic release

7:30PM: Varsity, JV and Policy Round 2


8AM R1 Novice Debates. R3 JV, Varsity and Policy,PF,LD,Parli)

9AM Congress R1

10AM R2 Novice Debates. R4 JV and Varsity

11:00AM R2 Policy R4

1:00PM Congress R2

1:00PM R3 Novice Debates. R5 JV and Varsity(PF,LD,Parli)

2:30PM Policy R5

3:30PM R4 Novice, Double Octos JVPF,VLD and Vpar. R6 VPF

4:00PM Congress FInals

5:30PM R6 Policy

6:00PM R5 Novice, Octos JVPF, VLD, Vpar, Doubles VPF 8PM or ASAP Novice Awards and congress: (judges willing)


8:00am IE R1

Quarters VLD,JVPF, Vpar and Policy, Octos VPF

10:00am IE R2

11AM Semis VLD, JVPF and Vpar and Policy, Quarters VPF

1:00pm IE R3

1:30PM Finals VLD, JVPF and Vpar and Policy, Semis VPF

4pm IE Elim

VPF FInals.

6PM start time of last PF if round of 64 added

5:45 PM Speech awards