Free Pre NSDA Tournament

2023 — Online, US

Congress Legislation

The pre-NSDA tournament will use legislation from the 2023 NSDA nationals packet. Prelims legislation will be decided by vote of the free pre-NSDA congress camp participants. Finals legislation will be selected at the discretion of Tab. Legislation will be announced no later than June 3rd. Chambers may caucus to establish the order in which bills will be debated, but these are the bills for each session.

Session 1:
A Bill to Universalize Mental Healthcare in the United States
A Bill to Invest in Kenya to Extract Rare Earth Minerals

Session 2:
A Bill to Eliminate Zoning Policies for Fair Housing
A Bill to Fund Hypersonic Weapon Development to Enhance the Military

A Bill to Address the Climate Crisis
A Resolution to Restore Peace in Yemen
A Bill to Abolish Standardized Testing Requirements to Foster Student Growth