Damus Hollywood Invitational and USC Round Robin

2016 — CA/US

Registration Packet

Welcome to the Damus Hollywood Invitational!

Please review for important details for the tournament. 

Lincoln-Douglas – Harvard-Westlake Upper School 


3700 Coldwater Canyon Drive

Studio City, CA 91604 

Important Facility Info

There are many events going on at HW this weekend so people MUST not go into buildings or campus areas that are “blocked off.” In particular, no one should go into Rugby Hall. 


Parking can be accessed from both the north and south parking entrances off of Coldwater Canyon. On Saturday, because of the SAT, do NOT come to campus before 1:45pm.


Choose HWGuest from the Wi-Fi list. Once connected, launch your web browser and enter one of the username and password combinations as shown below:

Username: debate01@hw.com

Password: 2GgpS

Username: debate02@hw.com

Password: vMg2f

Username: debate03@hw.com

Password: Lf7yy

Student and Judge Lounges

On Saturday, due to late start, teams are on their own for breakfast and lunch. On Sunday, breakfast and lunch will be provided for both students and judges/coaches.

LD Schedule

Saturday, November 5th (at Harvard-Westlake Upper School)


2:00pm - Arrive on campus

2:30pm - Round 1

5:00pm - Round 2

Sunday, November 6th (at Harvard-Westlake Upper School)

8:00am - Round 3

10:30am - Round 4

1:00pm - Round 5

3:30pm - Round 6

6:00pm - Awards

6:15pm – Varsity Partial Doubles (Single Flight)/Novice Octos (Single Flight)

7:30pm – Novice Quarters (Single Flight)

8:30pm – Novice Semis (Single Flight)

9:30pm – Novice Finals (Single Flight)

Monday, November 7th (at Tournament Hotel – Marriott Courtyard Sherman Oaks)

8:00am – Varsity Octas (Double Flight)

11:00pm – Varsity Quarters

12:30pm – Varsity Semis

2:30pm – Varsity Finals


Policy/WSDC – Notre Dame


13645 Riverside Drive

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 


Parking is available in the parking lot off of Woodman. Bus parking is available in the mall parking BEHIND the Bank of America. 


Two networks will be available – NDDEBATE1 and NDDEBATE2. Both networks will not require passwords. Do NOT use this connection for unnecessary downloads or video streaming, which will slow down the internet significantly. Also, respect that this is a school internet connection and is monitored so do not use the connection for anything inappropriate for a classroom. 

Student and Judge Lounges

Breakfast for students will be provided in the cafeteria (see ND Map). Students may purchase additional drinks and snacks throughout the day in the cafeteria as well.

Judges and coaches may gather and will be served breakfast and snacks in the Holy Cross Center Dining Room (see ND map).

On Saturday, lunch will be provided from the In-N-Out truck for students, judges, and coaches. The truck will be located in the  small parking lot along Woodman behind the cafeteria/Hampton building. 

On Sunday, lunch will be served outside the cafeteria for all students, coaches, and judges.



Varsity Policy Schedule

Saturday, November 5th  (at Notre Dame)

9am - Round 1

11am - Round 2

1pm - Lunch

2pm - Round 3

5pm - Round 4


Sunday, November 6th (at Notre Dame)

8am - Round 5

11am - Round 6

12:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm – Awards in Gym

2:15pm - Varsity Double Octos/Novice Semis

5pm - Varsity Octos/Novice Finals  


Monday, November 7th (at Tournament Hotel – Marriott Courtyard Sherman Oaks)

8am Varsity Quarters

11am Varsity Semis

2pm Varsity Finals

Novice Policy Schedule

Saturday, November 5th  (at Notre Dame)

9am – Training Session (flow and watch varsity debate)

11am - Round 1

1pm - Lunch

2pm - Round 2

5pm - Round 3

Sunday, November 6th (at Notre Dame)

8am - Round 4

11am - Round 5

12:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm – Awards in Gym

2:15pm - Novice Semis

5pm - Novice Finals  



WSDC Teams will meet in the Lecture Hall for the Impromptu motion announcements. The announcements will occur 10 mins. BEFORE the scheduled round. For example, for Round 1, people should meet at 9:50am in the Lecture Hall for the motion announcement.

Prepared Motions

Motion #1 (Round 2):

This House supports sovereign debt default as a legitimate economic strategy for countries.

Motion #2 (Round 3):

This House believes that customary international law should supersede sovereignty in regional resource disputes.

WSDC Schedule

Saturday, November 5th  (at Notre Dame)

9am - Student and Judge Training

9:50am – Impromptu Motion for Round 1 announced in ND Lecture Hall

10:00am – Impromptu Prep in Assigned Rooms

11:00am - Round 1 (Impromptu Motion)

12pm - Lunch

1pm - Round 2 (Prepared Motion #1: Sovereign Debt)

2:30pm - Round 3 (Prepared Motion #2: Customary international law)

4pm - Impromptu Motion for Round 4 announced in ND Lecture Hall

4:10pm – Impromptu Prep in Assigned Rooms

5:10pm – Round 4 (Impromptu Motion)

6:30pm – Awards in Lecture Hall