Damus Hollywood Invitational and USC Round Robin

2016 — CA/US

Welcome to the 2016 Hollywood Invitational and USC Round Robin!

The University of Southern California will host the USC Round Robin for competitive varsity policy debate teams from around the country on November 3-4, 2016.

Notre Dame High School and Harvard-Westlake Upper School will host the Damus Hollywood Invitational on November 5-7, 2016. Novice and varsity policy as well as the World Schools Debate Championship format (WSDC) competition will be hosted at Notre Dame High School and novice and varsity Lincoln-Douglas will be hosted at Harvard-Westlake Upper School.

Invitations and registration for these events will all be posted on this website (see the tabs to the right).

Some tournament highlights/changes:

  1. At the Damus Invitational, iPad Mini’s will be given to the top speakers in the policy and LD divisions.
  2. Several meals are included with your tournament entry fees. 
  3. School fee for the Damus invitational was dropped; however, entry fees were increased slightly to cover higher costs of included tournament hospitality.
  4. Novice Policy will be limited to reading NDCA Novice Policy Packet evidence as well as “full source shared” UDL/MDL packets or state-sanctioned evidence packets. UDL/MDL and state-sanctioned packets must be balanced (meaning there are adequate answers to each position included) and must be emailed in full source by 10/1/16 to Tallungan@gmail.com to be allowed in the novice division. This evidence will be reviewed and then provided on the ND Tournament website for everyone by October 5th.  If no alternate packets are submitted, then the field will be restricted to using the NDCA packet evidence. Please email questions if you are unclear on what this policy means.  
  5. Coaches must submit audio recording forms for each student competing in ANY division/event. See the Audio Recording Policy for more details. This is a continuation from last year. 

Please read the invitation for fee and tournament policies.  If you have any questions, please contact Christina Tallungan at Tallungan@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles!

Best wishes,

Mike Bietz, Director of Debate at Harvard-Westlake Upper School

Gordon Stables, Director of Debate at USC

Christina Tallungan, Director of Debate at Notre Dame High School