Bull Creek Ballot Collector



Hello everyone! Our aim is to celebrate the West Iowa District Qualifiers, and have one big last bundle of ballots before we send them off to the National Tournament. This is not only an opportunity for those who qualify, as we’re hoping to give newbies the chance to watch and learn! We would love to invite all West Iowa District schools to an inaugural event held at Atlantic High School, the Bull Creek Ballot Collector. This event is to honor and celebrate the District Qualifiers in each event while also using it as a learning opportunity for the younger performers to see the best of Western Iowa. This will be a chance for each Qualifier to perform for a panel of judges and receive multiple ballots which can help improve/give feedback prior to sending them to the National Tournament. The Bull Creek Ballot Collector will serve as a fun, stress free, educational showcase to give the West Iowa District qualifiers the opportunity to support each other in our last weeks before Nats! :) This is not meant as a competition, but more as an exhibition, to show how hard these students have worked and to show how far they have grown. We are excited to have younger performers or non-qualifiers come watch to see which entries made it to the National level, and to learn from them any advice/comments for the future. So bring any/all of your students, and we will see you Friday, May 19th! Judges: We ask that all coaches that bring students serve as our ‘panel’ of judges to help give feedback to our National Qualifiers. If you would like to supply a judge in your place, please let us know. All ballots will be online, so please make sure you have a valid Tabroom account. We will not be having an awards ceremony, so after our final performances we’ll be available for any questions! Where: Atlantic High School, 1201 E 14th St, Atlantic, IA 50022 When: Friday, May 19th Please do not arrive until 4:00pm to allow our parking lot to clear. Schedule Our performances will follow this pattern: 2nd Qualifier will perform first and Champion will perform second. Extemp Prep will take place during the HI and Info rounds respectively. Start: 4:30pm DUO Start: 5:00pm DI Start: 5:30pm HI Start 6:00pm IX 30 min FOOD BREAK Start: 7:00pm INFO Start: 7:30pm DX Start: 8:00pm OO Start: 8:30pm POI