2nd Annual Spring Break Special

2023 — Online, US

Congress Legislation

Rejoice! Congress TOC legislation has been published. This will be the docket for the tournament. Chambers may caucus to establish the order in which bills will be debated, but these are the bills for each session.

Session 1:
2A - Indian Families Protection Act
2B - A Resolution to Protect Libraries

Session 2:
2C - A Bill to Embrace the Rights of the Child
3A - Cybersecurity Investment Tax Credit

Session 3:
3B - A Bill to Decarbonize Ports
3C - A Resolution to Fix American Aviation

4A - A Bill to Eliminate Forced Arbitration in Employment, Consumer, Antitrust, and Civil Rights Disputes
4B - A Bill to Protect Business Owners from Resource Loss
4C - A Bill to Amend the National Labor Relations Act