WACFL Registration for NCFL 2023 Louisville

2023 — Louisville, VA/US

Registration Process

Process to Accept Qualification Spots for NCFL Nationals

In order to avoid paper commitment forms, we are registering through a Tabroom.com tournament set up for the purposes of NCFL Registration only.

Coaches with students who have qualified (Top 6 in Arlington; Top 5 in Washington) enter them in this registration tournament to indicate acceptance of the spots. Commitment fees for NCFL Nationals are $70 per student, so, in the case of Duo, PF, and Policy Teams, the entry fee is $140. This fee is non-refundable.

**** Please make sure you enter your students in the appropriate Diocesan Event (Washington is for DC and Maryland schools, while Arlington is for all Virginia schools. ****

You also enter your judges into this Registration Tournament online. You’ll see your judging commitments in the system as you register your students. For your reference, the judge quota obligations are:

• Speech: 1 Judge for every 2 Speech Entries, or fraction thereof

• Lincoln-Douglas Debate: 1 Judge for every 1 LD Debate entry

• Public Forum Debate: 1 Judge for every 1 PF Debate entry

• Policy Debate: 1.5 Judges for every 1 Policy Debate entry, 3 Judges are required for 2 entries

• Student Congress: 1 Judge for each Diocese for each day, and they must be Parliamentarian qualified.

The system will create an invoice that you can use to get a check from your administration. Checks should be made out to “WACFL”. Roland Burdett will send electronic invoices out for online payments if you prefer at the end of the registration process. You can pay online via credit card, or mail a check.

Please note that by entering qualified students (or a call-up student if you are notified that you have one in an event), you are committing the students to attend. You are also committing to supplying the required number of judges, as well as ensuring that an adult approved by your school is attending with your students.

In the event that your students or judges do not show for the tournament or any assigned rounds, you are committing to pay any associated fines.

If you can not accept the conditions noted above, please do not enter your students or judges.

If you have students that will not accept their slots, please email Roland Burdett at rburdett3@gmail.com ASAP.