Burnet presents the Tournament that Teaches

2023 — Burnet, TX/US


8:30 am -12:30 pm Novice Events Morning Educational Session

8:30 am Varsity Interp Round One

8:30 am Varsity Extemp Draw Round One

9:00 am Varsity Extemp Round One

9:45 am Varsity CX Round One

10:00 am Varsity Interp Round Two

11:30 pm Varsity CX Round Two

1:00 pm Novice Interp Round One

Novice Congress Round One

Novice CX Round One

Novice LD Round One

Novice Extemp Round One Draw

1:30 pm Novice Extemp Round One

Varsity CX Round Three

2:15 pm Novice Interp Round Two

3:00 pm Novice Extemp Round Two

Varsity Extemp Round Two

3:30 pm Novice Congress Round Two

Novice LD Round Two

Novice CX Round Two

Varsity Interp Round Three

4:00 pm Varsity Extemp Round Three Draw

4:30 pm Varsity Extemp Round Three