CFISD Novice Night 3

2023 — Houston, TX/US


Congress Legislation for Novice Night:

15, 2, 19, 4, 13

Lincoln-Douglas Debate:

February Topic - Resolved: Justice requires open borders for human migration.

Public Forum Debate:

February Topic - Resolved: In the United States, right-to-work laws do more harm than good.


Round 1: Impromptu

Round 2: This house believes that rehabilitation should be prioritized over retribution in criminal sentencing.

Round 3: This house believes that rehabilitation should be prioritized over retribution in criminal sentencing. (Flipped)

Extemp Topics:

Round 1: DX

1. Does Nikki Haley have a real chance at getting the Republican nomination for President in 2024?

2. Should the United States institute a age cap to run for federal office?

3. Has the Federal Reserve managed to get a handle on inflation?

4. Who is the most likely successor for Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat in California?

5. Will Congress come to an agreement on the debt ceiling?

6. Will recent tensions result in an escalation of the trade war between the U.S. and China?

7. Will Vivek Ramaswamy’s bid for the Republican nomination be successful?

8. Can U.S. schools find a beneficial use for artificial intelligence?

9. Will Florida Senator Tim Scott run for President in 2024?

10. Is the Biden administration handling the Ohio train derailment effectively?

Round 2: FX

1. Is the International Organization for Migration doing enough to support Rohingya refugees?

2. Can Cambodia help broker peace in Myanmar?

3. Will more NATO support for Ukraine increase tensions in Asia?

4. Does Europe still need the United States as an economic partner?

5. Is Iran on the cusp of regime change?

6. Is it time for Arab States to rethink their approach to Syria?

7. What can Guatemala do in order to stem the tide of political corruption?

8. Will Chile finally see a new constitution in 2023?

9. Is a "common currency" possible throughout South America?

10. Is Venezuela's relationship a Russia a threat to its South American neigbors?

Round 3: USFOPO

1. What impact will President Biden’s visit to Ukraine have on the U.S. relationship with Russia?

2. Would increased U.S. sanctions on China deter Chinese support for Russia?

3. Can the Philippines be an effective moderator between the U.S. and China?

4. What impact will Dr. Jill Biden’s recent visit to Africa have on U.S./African relations?

5. Should the United States send F-16s to Ukraine?

6. Will President Biden's recent trip to Ukraine bolster European support for the Russian war?

7. Is Vice President Kamala Harris playing an effective role in US Foreign Policy?

8. Would strengthening the economies of Central America help ease migration at the southern border?

9. Has President Biden's foreign policy strategy been a success or failure?

10. What can the Biden Administration do in order to secure the southern border?