GGSA Parli 3 Online

2023 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

GGSA In-person & Online Judging Guidelines & Resources

Thank you for volunteering as a judge!

You will check in at the tournament at 8:00 a.m. by going to the GGSA Parli Judges Room Zoom link:
ID: 816 6894 4919, Passcode: 207334, (US) +669-900-9128

Please read through the instructions below and let any of the GGSA officials or your coach know if you have questions.

Parli Judge Training: There will be a Zoom training the Friday before the tournament; pay attention to a Tabroom blast for information/reminders. Please peruse the GGSA Updated Judging doc beforehand and come with questions: GGSA Parliamentary Debate Judging Instructions.

Here's the Parli Judge Training Zoom link:
ID: 88173960980, Password: XF9UlaPuPZ, (US) +1 312-626-6799‬


Please take a moment to read our Implicit Judge Bias Policy and take this free, short, online Cultural Competence Course (a helpful accompanying resource: Cultural Competency Training Handout). This course is an excerpt from Adjudicating Speech and Debate, a longer online training course also available for free on the NFHS Learning Center.


Parliamentary Debate In-person & Online Judging Instructions with Ballot & Debate Examples

Written Instructions for Accessing E-Ballots & Video Instructions for Completing a Tabroom Debate E-Ballot

How to Add a Judge's Paradigm

Key Rules to Note:
*No Oral Disclosures--just submit your decision and a written RFD.

*New Novice Rules: Novice teams have 30 minutes of prep time, with 5 minute constructive speeches and 3 minute rebuttals (555533)

*New No-citations Rule: Citations/sources should not be counted in the decision.

*New Internet Policy: Computer, electronic device, and internet use is permitted only during the preparation period and cannot be used to receive real time assistance with their arguments from persons other than their partner. In the novice division of parliamentary debate only, debaters may consult with teammates or other debaters at the tournament during the preparation period. However, for online competition, debaters may flow on the computer, and if they refer to information from a published source, they must transcribe the full quotation during prep time by hand on a piece of paper that the opponent and judge may request to see on camera. For in-person competition, debaters must take notes by hand and use paper notes during the debate UNLESS there are disabilities requiring additional computer accommodation and advance tournament notification by the coach.

*New Disabilities Accommodations for In-person Competition: The tournament director may make exceptions to any of the rules in order to accommodate persons with disabilities or other similar needs. Any such accommodation--for instance, the debater is physically unable to write down notes due to a physical injury or a learning disability--should be vetted by the coach and communicated with the director in advance. The approved student will be able to take their notes digitally on a document saved onto their desktop. During the debate, they will need to turn off Wi-Fi to prevent internet access; they can only access your offline notes document. The room judge will ensure these rules are followed.