Panther Pride Elementary Middle School Tournament

2022 — Salt Lake City, UT/US

Paying with a Credit Card

If you are interested in paying online for your tournament fees, please follow these instructions:

Go to
Sign in as Guest
On the next screen they will want you to selection your school: UT - SALT LAKE CITY - WEST HIGH
Select Category DEBATE
How much would you like to pay? (put in the amount of your invoice) and then click the green button that says Add To Cart
On the next pop-up click the green button that says Checkout

The next screen says Who is this item for? and in the Person's name put the name of your school and in the Comment box, please put the invoice number and then click on the green button Continue to Checkout
The next screen recaps so if the information is correct, click on Continue to Checkout
From then on you will enter your billing information and complete the payment.