Claremont Bargain Belt Invitational

2016 — Claremont, CA, CA/US

Congress Legislation

Bargain Belt Legislation                                        October 22, 2016



A Bill to Promote Water Conservation through

The Development of Green Infrastructure


1.         Whereas climate change has led to dramatic reductions in available sources of fresh

2.         water, and

3.         Whereas fresh water is increasingly our most precious natural resource, and

4.         Whereas most natural precipitation is not effectively captured and/or reclaimed for

5.         consumption, and

6.         Whereas storm-water runoff collected via traditional means of gutters and other

7.         engineered collection systems is a major source of water pollution

8.         Therefore be it enacted by this Student Congress here assembled, that

9.         Section 1: Under guidance of the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of 10.          Energy, the USFG will provide federal grants totaling no more than $10 Billion annually 11.           for the next five years to support the development of green infrastructure.

12.       Section 2: Green infrastructure is defined as an approach to water management that

13.       protects, restores and mimics the natural water cycle.

14.       Section 3: Federal grants will be given to both private and public companies that show

15.       promise in helping to create effective water management and conservation systems.








A Bill to Provide Free California State and

Community College Tuition For California Residents




Section 1.       All California Community Colleges and California State Universities will be

tuition-free for all students residing in California

Section 2.       The California State Legislation will allocate an additional minimum of $5 Billion               per year to be managed by the California Department of Education to develop the                               free tuition programs in an effort to better prepare California residents for the 21st                                     century job market.

Section 3.       All California state residents may take advantage of the free tuition program for                             up to 4 years provided they remain students in good standing.

Section 4.       This law will begin taking effect beginning January 1, 2018 and all laws in                           conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.























A Resolution to Improve America’s Infrastructure

1.        Whereas the American Society of Civil Engineers gives the United

2.        States infrastructure a grade of D+, and

3.        Whereas in nearly all areas our infrastructure is failing to pass even the

4.        most superficial of inspections, and

5.        Whereas most estimates call for a 3.6 trillion dollar investment by the

6.        year 2020 to combat our infrastructure’s decay, and

7.        Whereas the estimated cost of this neglect to our economy is in the

8.        hundreds of billions of dollars a year, and

9.        Whereas investment in infrastructure is proven to improve economic

10.      performance;

11.      Therefore be it Resolved by the Student Congress here assembled

12.      that the United States should increase infrastructure spending to $500

13.      billion a year from the current $305 billion passed in December 2015.






















A Resolution to Enact Comprehensive Firearm Regulations


1.         Whereas: Gun control remains one of the most important and controversial issues


2.         regarding public safety, and


3.         Whereas: Firearms are considerable more likely to be used for crimes, suicides and


4.         accidental shootings then they are to be used for self-defense, and


5.         Whereas: In 2015, firearms were responsible for well over 25,000 injuries and


6.         13,000 deaths excluding suicides in the U.S., and


7.         Whereas: The United States Supreme Court has upheld numerous instances of


8.         restrictions on Constitutional Second Amendment rights, and


9.         Whereas: Many citizens have voiced their support for stricter and more


10.       comprehensive gun control laws, therefore


11.       Be it resolved by the Student Congress Here Assembled that effective 1/1/18:


12.       1.  All concealed weapons carry laws shall be prohibited.


13.       2.  The FBI will develop a more robust system required for all background checks .


14.       3.  All states will be required to contribute more extensive and standardized


15.                   criminal and mental health data to the FBI for background checks.


16.       4.  A federal 14-day waiting period will be instituted for all gun purchases. 


17.       5.  All high capacity firearms and ammunition magazines exceeding 10 rounds of


18.                   ammunition will be banned.













2.         Article I:          Approximately 50% of the Federal Bureau of Prisons population are

3.                                 serving drug related sentences, many under long-term mandatory

4.                                 sentencing guidelines which focus on punishment rather than treatment.

5.                                 These existing and all future drug related sentences will include

6.                                 Mandatory treatment in drug rehabilitation programs.

7.                                 Article II:         Drug rehabilitation programs will be defined as the

8.                                 processes of medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, for dependency on

9.                                 psychoactive substances and will include mandatory therapeutic aftercare

10.                               for 12 months following release.

11.       Article III:        The Bill will go into effect on January 1,  2016

12.       Article IV:        Implementation and oversight of this legislation will be handled by the

13.                               National Institutes of Health and the United States Department of Justice.

14.                               A. All persons convicted of a drug related crime will be required to

15.                               participate in a drug rehabilitation treatment program which includes 12

16.                               months of therapeutic aftercare.  Programs will be designed by the

17.                               National Institutes of Health.

18.                               B. The annual budget for the Federal Bureau of Prisons will be increased

19.                               by 15% for the next 10 years to meet the costs of all new treatment

20.                               programs.

21.                               C. All mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines for drug-related

22.                               convictions will be eliminated.

23.                               All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.