Duquesne University Invitational

2022 — Pittsburgh, PA/US

Links to needed documentation

TournamentDuquesne University Invitational SubjectParking and Volunteer Information (updated with all working links) SenderAnthony Wachs Sent toAll Registered Schools With Entries Sent onWed, Nov 30, 2022 at 2:36 PM Message

Hello Coaches,

We are tremendously excited to have you on campus for our first tournament. I greatly appreciate your patience with us as we navigate this new experience on campus. I know there are a few pressing issues that are of concern.


1) We will provide free parking passes at registration. These passes are for Forbes/Locust garage (1 garage with 2 entrances). The Locust entrance is on campus and easiest to access, but a pass is needed to get in. If you park before coming to registration you will need to use the Forbes entrance.

2) Bus drop-off is permitted in front of Bayer Hall, but they must park on Colwell Street (15219) to wait. See this map for reference:Bus Parking Map

Volunteer Form:

1) We discovered that the Volunteer Agreement Form jotform is only working for about half of the judges. I am not sure why this is but am guessing that it has to do with our newly overhauled website that is slowly becoming functional.

2) Here is a link to a pdf version:Volunteer Agreement FormThis form can be filled out and returned to my via email:wachsa@duq.eduThis will preferably be by Thursday night, but worst-case scenario, it can be printed and brought to registration on Saturday morning.

Parental Consent and Clearances/Training Letter

On account of university and state policies, the parental consent form and letter from your superintendent/principal that serves as documentation of clearances and training to work with minors are both necessary for participation. In order for the tournament to run smoothly, I have posted a due date for Thursday. We can technically process these on the morning of the tournament, but students and judges without these will not be able to participate. I will email each coach (using the email provided in Tabroom) on Friday evening letting them know who on their team has submitted their documents. Again, we can process this on Saturday morning, but it will make the tournament day a bit messy, so please do your best to encourage everyone associated with your team to get this material submitted as soon as possible.

Registration Fees

I understand that some teams mail their checks for registration fees. This is not a problem and we will watch for these in the mail.

Again, I sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding with us as we throw our first tournament. I have hosted several tournaments (pre-Sandusky) in my former job, and learning the requirements of a new campus and state has a bit of work. I look forward to meeting you on Saturday, and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me atwachsa@duq.edu.


Anthony M. Wachs

Director of Speech and Debate

Duquesne University