California Invitational Berkeley Debate

2023 — Berkeley, CA/US


Our tentative schedule is as follows. Please note that the schedule remains subject to change based on room availability and event sizes.

We plan to run IE and Congress prelims entirely on Sunday, to give schools only bringing speech students an option to reduce their number of hotel nights and travel cost, as well as reduce the total amount of time spent waiting between IE rounds.

Congress prelims may run on a modified schedule on Sunday with longer rounds depending on room availability

7:45am CX/Worlds Round 1
9:30am LD/PF Round 1
11:15am CX/Worlds Round 2
1:00pm LD/PF Round 2
2:45pm CX/Worlds Round 3
4:30pm LD/PF Round 3
6:15pm CX/Worlds Round 4
8:00pm LD/PF Round 4

7:45am CX/Worlds Round 5
9:45am IE/Congress Round 1
11:00am LD/PF Round 5
1:00pm IE/Congress Round 2
2:30pm CX/Worlds Round 6
4:15pm LD/PF Round 6
6:15pm IE/Congress Round 3
7:45pm Debate Events Triples
8:15pm IE Octas


8:00am All events Remaining Elims