Hattiesburg High School Middle School Invitational

2022 — Hattiesburg, MS/US

Congress Docket/NOTES

The following legislation was chosen from the Texas Forensic Association website and will be debated in the following order:

ITEM 3.  The Firearm Safety Act of 2022

ITEM 4.  A Bill to Ban Cluster Munitions

ITEM 5.  A Resolution to Raise the Military Enlistment Age to 21

ITEM 6.  A Bill to Make Post-Secondary Education Affordable

ITEM 10.  A Resolution to Minimize Space Traffic

ITEM 11.  A Bill to Strengthen Support for Public Schools

This order represents the docket.  

The Presiding Officer will be appointed by the tournament director from the high school ranks in Mississippi.

All students will advance to the FINAL session of Congress.  Legislation for the FINAL session which will run from 2pm-3:30pm will be determined based on registration.