Asynchronous Georgia Speech Scrimmage 3 hosted by Marist

2022 — Online, GA/US

Limited Prep Prompts

Impromptu Speaking (Theme: World Vegan Day -- quotations from Vegans)

"Lyrics are so important, but they're really underrated." Billie Eilish 

"Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there." Stevie Wonder

"Conversations create change. It's easy to call someone 'enemy,' but there's more to it, right?" Elliot Page

"Everyone looks to an artist for something more than just the music, and that message of being comfortable in my own skin is number one for me." Lizzo

"Ninety percent of how you learn is watching great people." Natalie Portman

Extemp Commentary (Theme: Conflict hotspots in 2022)

Ethiopia -- The Forgotten Conflict of 2022

Haiti -- In Desperate Need of UN Intervention 

Iran -- The Next Major Conflict Instigator 

Myanmar -- A Critical Test for ASEAN

Ukraine -- Russian Defeat is Inevitable 

Improvisational Duo (Theme: Thanksgiving Dinner)

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Quickest Way to Start a Fight

Thanksgiving Pants 

Domestic Extemp

What can be done at the state level to ensure every American can vote in upcoming elections?

Following the release of the “Nation’s Report Card”, how can the Department of Education increase test scores among students across the nation?

How can the Democratic party increase voter turnout among Generation Z?

What grade does Biden deserve for his recently released 2022 National Security Strategy?

International Extemp

How should Rishi Sunak address the UK’s pressing economic problems?

What steps should the International Community take to help Mexico recover from Hurricane Roslyn?

Will Saudi Arabia's development of  “The Line” act as a model for other countries to operate on 100% renewable energy?

How can China prioritize its environmental protection over economic growth?