Lampasas Full UIL Academic Badger Brawl

2022 — Lampasas, TX/US


Academic Contest Schedule

***Rounds will not be delayed due to cross entries. Students cross-enter at their own risk.***

7:00 – 8:00AM              Registration                                         

7:30                              Computer Applications (set up)                    

8:00                              Computer Applications

8:15                              Copy Editing                                                   

9:00                              Current Issues and Events                               

                                    Ready Writing                                                 

                                    Number Sense                                    

                                    New Writing                                                                                                    

                                    Computer Science (written only)                               

9:30                              Calculator Apps         

10:15                            Feature Writing


10:30                            Literary Criticism


11:00                            Science


Social Studies

11:45                            Editorial Writing

1:00                              Headline Writing         

Speech and Debate schedule

7:00-8:00AM                 Registration                                         

8:00                              Extemp Draw                                      

8:30                              Extemp Prelim Round I           

9:30                              Congress Session One**

CX Round I                                                     

                                    LD Round I                                                      

                                    Prose and Poetry Round I-Cat A        

10:30                            Extemp Draw                                      

11:00                            Extemp Prelim Round II                       

12:30                            Congress Session Two**CX Round II                                                   

                                    LD Round II                                                     

                                    Prose and Poetry Round II-Cat B

1:30                              Extemp Draw

2:00                              Extemp Finals

3:00                              Congress Finals** (two hours max)

CX Round III

                                    LD Round III

                                    Prose & Poetry Finals - RC


**Schools with congress entries are welcome to email preferred legislation to - if legislation is received by October 15, 2022, it will be included in the possible docket. I will send a copy of the complete docket to registered schools by Monday, Oct. 31st. If less than 10 pieces of legislation are received, the remaining legislation will come from the UIL Region 12 docket.