Were Just Peachy River Valley Speech and Debate League

2022 — Dardanelle, AR/US

Tournament Schedule

THURSDAY- September 29th
The competition is scheduled to begin around 4:30pm. (This allows for schools to dismiss and a 1 hour drive if needed.)
  • Topic Draw at 4:45pm or the first round
  • First round will begin at 5:15pm
  • Topic draw for second round at 6:00pm
  • Second round begins at 6:30pm
  • Topic Draw for 3rd round at 7:00pm
  • Final round begins at 7:30pm
  • Teams leave after their final competitor finishes the third round around 8:00pm

SATURDAY- October 1st


8:00 AM -8:30AM            IPDA Quarter-Final Draw and prep

8:30-9:15 AM            IPDA Quarter-Final Round

9:10-10:10AM           Poetry Finals

10:00AM-10:30AM    IPDA Semi-Final Draw and prep

10:30-11:15 AM        IPDA Semi-Final Round

11:05AM- 12:05PM  Oratory Finals


12:00PM-12:40 PM   IPDA Final Round

12:40PM- 1:10PM Awards Ceremony