Cal Parli Invitational

2022 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Round Rules

The tournament will follow NPDL Online Round Rules, which can be found here.  Partner prep only for open. Novice teams may communicate with anyone during prep time.

Debaters and judges should take particular note of the evidence rule:


A. Debaters should primarily rely on logic and general knowledge.
B. Debaters should not cite published sources during the round. Judges should enforce this rule by giving a claim supported by a citation the same weight as they would give a claim not supported by a citation.


This rule is not protestable, but should be enforced by the judge.

Additionally, the tournament will allow points of clarification:

A. A Point of Clarification is a question that a member of the opposing team asks a debater giving a PMC or an LOC. The question shall aim to clarify the speaker's advocacy or interpretation of the resolution.

B. The speaker may not decline a Point of Clarification.

C. Speech time stops for Points of Clarification and resumes once they are answered.