Cal Parli Invitational

2022 — NSDA Campus, CA/US






1. Reminder that release forms are due in two days. See sidebar.

2. The topics this weekend may include "This House" motions (This House Believes, This House Would, This House Regrets, etc.) If you are not familiar with that style of motion, we recommend that you read the NYPDL Novice Parli Guide, especially pages 2-4.


Coaches should upload completed release forms by October 6. There is a button to download the release form in the sidebar. To upload forms, edit the entry (team) that contains the student whose form you are uploading (similar to what you would do to change a member of a team).

We have two important announcements:
1. The Cal Parli Invitational 2022 will allow debaters to make Points of Clarification. The rules for POCs are in the sidebar.
2. The Debate Society of Berkeley is a proud cohost of a free screening of the film Girl Talk. This important film, about girls in high school debate, will be shown at UC Berkeley School of Law on October 6, two days before the Cal Parli Invitational. Screening details are in the sidebar. More about the film here. We hope to see you there!


Dear Coaches and Debaters:

The Debate Society of Berkeley invites you to attend the 7th Annual Cal Parli Invitational, which will be held virtually on October 8-9, 2022.

We will be offering five preliminary rounds in both divisions. We plan to break to Double Octofinals in the Open division and Octofinals in Novice, subject to adjustment based on final field size. 

The Debate Society of Berkeley is a successful debate team at the world’s premier public university. We are excited to welcome competitors from across the United States. If you are an international team interested in competing, please reach out to

We encourage you to contact us with any other questions regarding the tournament. We anticipate a fun, competitive, and educational tournament and hope to see you there!

Best regards,

Debate Society of Berkeley



• A team is eligible to compete in the novice division if neither partner competed in any form of debate before the 2022-23 season, or if both partners are currently middle school debaters.

• Hybrid teams should be registered under the names of both schools. (Please contact us if unusual circumstances make this impossible.) We do not guarantee that they will be protected against hitting a team from a constituent school, although it is very unlikely.

• Any team, including a club or independent team, that is not registered under the name of the school the students attend must submit written permission from a school administrator or coach to attend by October 1. Teams may not avoid per-school entry caps by registering under a different name.

• You must provide 1 judge per 2 teams entered, rounded up. For example, if a school has 3 teams, then it would need 1.5 judges, which rounds up to 2 judges.



• Entry fees are $80 per open team and $60 per novice team due by October 3. Please see the “Payment Information” tab for details.

• The judging fee is $150 per uncovered team. This will be assessed as of October 1. Judges are obligated through one round after the last team from their school is eliminated.

• There is a late fee of $30 for adding/dropping a team or after the deadline (in addition to the entry fee), or for any changes in the last 24 hours before the tournament.

• The missed ballot penalty is $50/round. This includes ballots not picked up, and those with no decision entered within 30 minutes after the end of the round.

• The Debate Society of Berkeley is committed to making the tournament accessible to all teams, regardless of means. If the entry fees impose financial hardship, please fill out the fee waiver request form.



• The tournament will follow NPDL online round rules.

• The tournament will be held on the NSDA campus platform and tabbed on All competitors and judges must have linked Tabroom accounts in advance of the tournament.

• The Tab Director will be Joel Jacobs.

• The tournament will follow the NPDL judge conflict rules. A judge’s failure to recuse from a conflict may result in the win being given to the team that is prejudiced by the conflict.

• An adult chaperone must be reachable by telephone and/or text message at all times during the tournament.