Newman Smith Spontaniety 43

2022 — Carrollton, TX/US

Tournament schedule

Friday, September 23
4:30pm.  Round 1
6:30pm.  Round 2
Saturday, September 24
8:30am  Round 3
10:30am. Round 4
2:15pm.  Quarters
5:15pm.  Semifinals
7:30pm.  Finals
Pattern A: DI, Duo, Prose, OO, USX, POI
Pattern B: HI, Duet, Poetry, Informative, IX, NX
Saturday, September 24
8:00am.     Extemp Draw-Flight A
8:30am.     Round 1 Flight A
9:30am.    Extemp Draw Flight B
10:00am.  Round 1 Flight B
11:00am.  Extemp Draw-Flight A
11:30am. Round 2 Flight A
12:30pm.  Extemp Draw Flight B
1:00pm.    Round 2 Flight B
2:00pm.  Extemp Draw Flight A
2:30pm.   Semifinals Flight A
3:30pm   Extemp Draw Flight B
4:00pm    Semifinals Flight B
5:00pm.   Extemp Draw Flight A
5:30pm.   Finals Flight A
6:30pm.    Extemp Draw Flight B
7:00pm.   Finals Flight B
8:30pm.  Awards
Congressional Debate 
Friday, September 23
4:30pm.     Session 1
6:30pm.      End of Session 1
7:00pm.     Finals
9:00pm      End of Finals Session
World Schools.  


4:30PM Round 1 Impromptu Motion Prep/Judge Training

5:30PM Round 1

7:00PM Round 2 This House would implement fairness doctrines on broadcast news media with significant audience reach



8:30AM Round 3 Impromptu Prep

11:30AM Round 4 This House supports a cashless economy

2:00PM Quarterfinals This House supports a maximum age limit for national office holders in the United States

3:30PM Semifinals Impromptu Prep

6:00PM Finals This House believes that the environmental rights of future generations supersede the economic interests of current generations