Grapevine Classic

2022 — Grapevine, TX/US

World Schools Debate

World Schools Debate Motions:

Rds 1 and 2 (Teams will debate both sides):  This House supports rent control legislation.
Rd 5 (and 6 or partials, whichever is necessary): This House supports a maximum age limit for national office holders in the United States.
Semis: This House believes that the environmental rights of future generations supersede the economic interests of current generations.
World Schools Debate Schedule:





4:30 PM

RD 1 Prepared


6:00 PM

RD 2 Prepared


8:00 PM

Impromptu Prep begins. Rd at 9 pm


8:00 AM

Impromptu Prep Begins. Rd at 9 am


10:45 AM

RD 5 Prepared


1:00 PM

Quarters Impromptu Prep Begins

Rd at 2:00


3:45 PM

Semis Prepared


5:00 PM

Finals Impromptu Prep Begins

Rd at 6 pm