Panther Pride MS ELM School Asynch State Prep Tournament

2022 — Online, UT/US

Topics (Extemp & Prepared Prompt)

Extemp: 20 min of prep once topic is chosen


·         Are US coastal states prepared for anticipated rising sea levels later this century?


·         Is the United States revealing too many of its intelligence secrets by publicizing its reports about Russian threats to Ukraine?


·         Is it premature for American schools to lift their mask mandates?


·         What can the United States do to keep global oil prices from climbing?


·         What steps can Congress take to help address rising inflation?


·         Does Russia pose a threat to more former Soviet republics than just Ukraine?


·         What will be the political consequences for Poland of the EU freezing aid?


·         What can the United States do to reassure Pacific Island nations of its commitment to them?


·         Was China’s investment in hosting another Olympics worth it?


·         Should Alec Baldwin be held legally liable for the death of the cinematographer on the film “Rust”?




Prepared Prompt Speaking: submit video on Saturday April 30th, with any amount of prep


·         The United States voting age needs to be reconsidered.

·         The Russian invasion of Ukraine is setting up for World War 3.

·         The school system in America could be fixed by changing _______.

·         Elon Musk buying twitter will be a (good/bad) move for data privacy.

·         The rise of “short form” content like “reels, stories, shorts, tik-tok” are bad for the attention span of teenagers.

·         The best State in the United States is….

·         Popularity in female sports is an issue for the United States.