Panther Pride MS ELM School Asynch State Prep Tournament

2022 — Online, UT/US


 Thank you so much for your interest in competing at the 2nd Annual Panther Pride Online Middle / Elementary School Tournament. This tournaments goal is to get the most feedback possible for your speech competitors on the Middle school, and Elementary School  level. All of the events provided are online and will be done Asynchronously. The tournament structure is to be a speaking focused tournament. Judges will be told to focus on speaking technique when judging and critiquing. We encourage those who compete in LD and Policy to see this as a way to focus on their speaker points, and for those in speech events to get lots of feedback. This tournament is structed to get a good look at a lot of different events, and some new ways. Please enter your students in multiple events, let them try different types of speaking. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and we hope to hold a great tournament. 


Events: (some of these are very unique, look up the descriptions on the tabs to the right of this page)  

-Informative Speaking 

-Oratory (elementary option available) 


-Interpretive (HI, DI, DUO)

-Prepared Prompt Speaking (elementary option available

-Pro/Con challenge LD 

-Pro/Con Challenge CX

-Pro/Con Challenge Congress (elementary option available) 



April 26th @ 10:30AM: Topics released for prepared speech events 

April 30th @ 3:00PM: New entries & judges are due

April 30th @ 7:00PM: Video recordings are due, on tabroom

May 2th - 5st: Preliminary Rounds 1-4 are judged 

May 6th: Top submissions in each event move onto the Final round judging



Judge Quota: Because this is a speech focused tournament, all judges will be put into one pool. Every 5 entries equals one judge requirement (i.e. team enters 15 students will be expected to bring 3 judges)

Judge Requirements: All judges will be required to read the judge obligations located on the right side of this page, please ensure your judges do this. Judges are allowed to be any High School level debater who have completed in a minimum of 4 tournaments. Adult judges who are trained are also allowed.

Fees: In order to incentives double entry in the tournament we will not be having a "per-entry" fee rather we will be having a flat team fee that should be an average of what we would hope each individual team would bring. This flat fee will be $12 per School. If any schools have any questions about the fee process please reach out to us.