76th National Debate Tournament

2022 — Harrisonburg, VA/US

Thursday Night Announcements

Thursday Night - Pre-Tournament Announcements


  1. Masks are required in competition and meeting spaces. If you have concerns or questions about the policy, the link to the form is on the Tabroom.com website. The form is set up to be anonymous. 



  1. Rounds 1 and 8 will be announced by the Director. The remaining rounds will be released electronically to streamline the hybrid tournament process.


  1. All rounds need to connect to the corresponding classrooms.cloud room for the purposes of starting debates and checking rooms. Please stay connected to room for chat purposes throughout the debate even if the debate is in person and not being streamed. You do not need to stay on camera. This will allow us to contact judges if needed.   


  1. Scott Herndon will be managing the streaming of rounds. If onsite debaters agree to be streamed, please use classrooms.cloud to record the debate.


  1. There will be a scouting meeting at the conclusion of this event. All scouts should meet with Eric Morris. The scouting program will be using twitter to share "new and updated" info during the NDT. Interested parties should follow @ndtscouting


  1. In-person judges in hybrid rounds should not be in the room with the in-person team.  If the in-person team chooses to debate in the assigned room, judges should select a vacant room, Miller 2170, Burress 349, Burress 229, Burruss 33 or their hotel room to judge the hybrid debate.  If the in-person team chooses to debate from their hotel room, the in-person judges can set up in the assigned room.


  1. There is a petition process to provide a means to report issues, concerns, and rules violations that are not addressed by distinct resolution processes in the NDT Standing Rules. There is a link to this process at the bottom of the front page of the website.


  1. Daily antigen testing can be reported on the testing form - posted on the Tabroom website. Page says Thursday Night Announcements. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSewzO3Qsxuw1Jyapv40QWo5-9qaK_zozQg_8YkMD7bl5XhxcQ/viewform?usp=sf_link


  1. Reminding everyone that if their debate is HYBRID - the text message they receive will say HYBRID, but also the PUBLIC side of the pairing will have a little computer icon showing rounds that have at least one participant online


  1. The Classrooms help ticket system should be used to contact the tournament staff - we have people assigned to monitor this system. 


  1. The hotel is serious about enforcing no smoking and no vaping.  Please don’t act in a way to get the police called.