Quarry Lane MS TOC Warmup

2022 — Online, CA/US

Online Policies


Students: Since debate is a communication activity, webcams should be on during a debate. If that is not possible due to a strained internet connection, then at least the speaker’s webcam should be on while giving a speech. Only if turning on the webcam significantly compromises the audio of the speaker should it be left off. In general, there is an expectation that webcams are on while any debate competitor is speaking. 

Judges: Judges must have webcams on while judging a round and a competitor is speaking except during minor/temporary internet disruptions. Note, this must be temporary, and cannot be for an entire debate or speech round.


If you must speak to the Tournament Director or tabroom staff, please email @gmail.com.

Subject line: [Division/Event - Room Number (e.g., VCX Room1, JVLD Room 2)]

In the email include the following: 

(1) Division/Event (e.g., NCX, JVCX, VLD, WSD, etc.), 

(2) Judge name, 

(3) Specific Issue (for example, Missing team - Quarry Lane AY (clarify which team is missing), Missing Judge - J. Smith, No one can hear anyone in room, Video not working in room, etc.) 


The tournament will not require judges to remain in an online room but all judges are expected to be “on-call” until all the rounds are started.  If you are obligated and not initially placed in a round, please monitor your cell phone for a call or text message from tab just in case you are subbed into a debate (even after the posted start time, as you may have to replace a missing judge). If you do not respond or are not available to sub in when needed, then your school may be fined a missing judge penalty after an attempt is made to reach you.


Under no circumstances is a judge or competitor to move a debate to an unapproved online space. If there are technical difficulties, then the judge and/or students should email @gmail.com immediately.


We'll use online coin flip procedures through tabrooom.