NCFL Massachusetts Combined Qualifier In Person

2022 — MA/US

Shrewsbury HS map

Map of Shrewsbury HS is here.

Some important locations:

Judge lounge - C hallway off of cafeteria (first floor) - small dining room on the left.

Judge orientation for Speech - Presentation Room - C hallway off of cafeteria (first floor).  On left, just past the judge lounge.

Judge orientation for Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas Debate - Room C121 (band room) - C hallway off of cafeteria (first floor).  Down hallway, and on the right, past the speech judge orientation room.

Tab room - On second floor.  Head up stairs at left end of cafeteria.  Room M212, on left at end of balcony overlooking school entry lobby.

Debate locations (subject to change)

Public Forum -  

A wing: Floors 1 and 2

B wing: Floor 3

Lincoln Douglas -

B wing: Floors 1 and 3

M hallway: 3rd floor - on right as one walks away from end of school with the cafeteria