Arkansas District Tournament In Honor of Jennifer Akers

2022 — AR/US

Arkansas District Qualifier

for the 2022 National Tournament
Debate: Congress
NSDA Campus, AR
Thu 2/24 Fri 2/25 HSE SEN
Debate: Public Forum and LD
NSDA Campus, AR
Fri 2/25 Sun 2/27 LD PF
Debate Policy Debate
NSDA Campus, AR
Thu 2/24 Fri 2/25 CX
NSDA Campus, AR
Fri 2/25 Sat 2/26 DI DUO HI INF IX OO POI USX
Debate: World School Debate and Big Questions Debate
NSDA Campus, AR
Sun 2/27 Sun 2/27 BQ

World Schools Topics

Round 1

This House regrets the use of artificial intelligence by social media platforms.

Round 2

This House believes that NATO does more harm than good.

Round 3 Impromptu (Announced at the tournament)

Round 4  (Elim 1)

This House would promote the use of public transportation.

Round 5 (Elim 2)

This House believes that science and technology are advancing at a rate too fast for the good of society.