BG Vette City Junior Virtual Speech Tournament

2021 — NSDA Campus, KY/US

Limited Prep Topics

2021 BG Vette City Virtual Junior

Limited Prep Event Topics

5 p.m. 11/15 CST  All videos due to

Extemporaneous Speaking Topics 


Directions: Choose one topic on which to speak. Prep for 30 minutes and film

your speech. Please do NOT include your prep time in your video.  

  1. Will the recent OSHA COVID-19 standard be struck down in court?

  2. Should the United States seek a policy of mutually assured destruction to combat the threat of China’s hypersonic missiles?

  3. What organization will win the new space race?

Impromptu Speaking Topics 


Directions: Choose one topic on which to do your speech and film the entire prep and speaking time.  Students may have a timer or time themselves.

  1. If you’re in control, you’re not going fast enough. — Parnelli Jones

  2. To finish first, you must first finish.  — Juan Manuel Fangio


Improv Duo Topic


Prep time: up to 5 minutes

Performance time: No greater than 6 minutes

May be played humorous or serious. Must establish a problem to be solved.

Film prep time AND their performance time. 

In performance, we should be able to see both students in the frame, though they may step out for a moment as needed. 

Students may NOT be in the same room when filming for fairness/safety’s sake. 

Students may have a timer or time themselves. 

This is a Round 2 / Quarters / Finals -style prompt. Students must present a scene that includes this line: 


“You’re going to have to step on it.”