Isidore Newman School Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, LA/US

Entry Deadlines and Payment Information

Entry Restrictions and Deadlines

May enter only one event among Policy, LD, PF, Congress, and World Schools.
May enter up to three speech events, but a maximum of two per pattern.
No cross-entries between debate and speech permitted.

Schools are permitted to enter up to 8 entries in each event. Contact us if you wish to enter more. Overall caps for debate at 120. Overall caps for speech at 102.

Fees and number of judges required will be assessed as of Friday, December 3, at 3:00 PM Central. Drops after this deadline will not lower your judge commitment/judge fees.

Drops between Dec 7 at 3:00 pm and Dec 9 at 3:00 pm – loss of entry plus $10 per drop. These drops may be processed on tabroom.

Drops after Dec 9 at 3 pm – loss of entry plus $25 per drop. These drops may NOT be processed on tabroom and must be sent to Christopher Vincent via text or email.

Judge names for Policy, LD, and PF must be entered by Tuesday, Dec 7 at 3 pm. This is necessary to implement our judge pref system in the varsity divisions of these events.

Judge names for WS, Congress, and Speech must be entered by Thursday, Dec 9 at 3 pm.

School Verification Forms must be uploaded by Friday, Dec 3 at 3 pm

(all times are Central Time Zone)

Entry Fees

Congress - $30 per entry
Lincoln Douglas - $35 per entry
Policy - $50 per team
Public Forum - $50 per team
World Schools - $35 per team
Speech - $15 per person per event

Judge Fees, Quotas, and Obligations

Congress – 1 judge covers 8 debaters
Speech – 1 judge covers 5 entries
Policy, Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, World Schools – 4 rounds of commitment per entry [If entering 6 or more entries in a single category, then 3 rounds of commitment per entry]
Hired Congress Judge - $200
Hired Speech Judge - $200
Hired Policy, Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, World Schools Judge - $50 per round

Missed round - $50 for a prelim round and $100 for an elim round (“missed round” means a round for which a school-provided judge was assigned and the judge failed to appear, requiring us to replace). Appeals must be made through the tournament directors.

Each judge may fulfill a commitment in at most one category (Policy, LD, PF, WS, Congress, Speech). A judge cannot fulfill multiple obligations in varying categories without permission from the tournament directors. A judge may not fulfill an obligation in one category by judging in another without permission from the tournament directors.

Every school must provide at least half of its judging in every category.

Congress and Speech judges are obligated through finals, regardless of when all entries from your school have been eliminated. Specifically, this means that the number of judges obligated to cover in each round is the same in prelims and all elims.

Policy, Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, and World Schools Debate judges are obligated through the first full elimination round AFTER all debate entries from your school have been eliminated. A full elimination round is defined as an elimination round where the number of entries is a power of 2 (e.g., if we break to partial double octos, school judges are obligated for the partial double octos AND the full octos).

Payment Information

Please make checks payable to:
Isidore Newman School
c/o Christopher Vincent
1903 Jefferson Ave
New Orleans LA 70115

If your school requires a W-9 to list Isidore Newman School as a vendor, here is a link to a completed W-9:

W-9 for Isidore Newman School

To Pay By Credit Card:

If you are interested in paying by credit card, please following these directions:

1. Please go to
2. Scroll Down to the Newman Invitational Speech & Debate Tournament
3. Click "Get Tickets"
4. Click "Have a passcode" and enter the following passcode: Debate
5. Please enter the number of tickets per event. Each entry is designated as one ticket.
6. Fill in the required information.
7. Upon completion of your payment, please email a copy of the confirmation to, along with the school name, so that you can be marked as paid.

**Please note: There is a processing fee for paying by Credit Card.