West Hardin Teaching Tournament

2021 — Saratoga, TX/US

Covid Protocols


We will follow TEA guidance, our school district’s guidance and TFA safe start guidance (https://www.txfa.org/documents/2021-22/Safe%20Restart.pdf) to the maximum extent possible.*  Given that we will be mixing school populations, and the accelerated opportunity for spread related to performance, we ask that you help keep everyone healthy by doing the following.

1.   Ballots will be distributed and returned virtually, and all judges need a Tabroom account and a digital device to complete ballots and return them. For congress only, we will provide paper ballots.

2.    Meals must be ordered in advance on the concession tabs of Tabroom. Snack bar items (other than preordered meals) will only consist of prepared and packaged items.

3.    Schools must remain socially distanced from each other in the cafeteria,  and competitors who are not competing should stay in the cafeteria and not be anywhere else on campus.

4.    While we cannot require you to do so, we respectfully request that masks be worn except when a person is eating or a student is actively competing.

5.     Students who are watching sit at least 6 feet back from the speakers.

6.     Before leaving a competition area, students should wipe down the area in which they sat with the wipes provided in the room.

7.      All evidence exchange should be digital whenever possible.

8.      Student competitors should have tabroom accounts so that they can receive schematics and pairings on their own devices, so that paper postings do not cause excessive congregation.

9.      No student who has tested positive for COVID or who is exhibiting symptoms should be at the tournament.

1    If a student does contract COVID after the tournament, the school should contact Sandra Peek (West Hardin coach) so that appropriate contact tracing can be performed.

1    For this year only, we will NOT have an open tab room.  Issues during the tournament will be handled one at a time in the tab room instead of there being general access as in years past.




*Should guidance from West Hardin’s school board, local health authorities or TEA change, these guidelines will be adjusted to comply with those rules.