GDSDA2 Asynch Speech

2021 — NSDA Campus, NV/US

Notes on Novice Debate

Novice Congress: Novice Congress participants will choose one piece of legislation from the docket and record both a Pro and Con speech, no longer than the 3 minute maximum for all Congressional Debate.


Novice Lincoln Douglas: Novice Lincoln Douglas debaters will deliver both an Affirmative and Negative Constructive of approximately 3-5 minutes on the Novice LD topic. Novice resources that may be used in constructing the case can be found here.


Novice Policy: Novice Policy teams will choose an Affirmative from the Novice Policy Packet. One team member will deliver a 3-5 minute Affirmative Constructive and the other team member will deliver a 3-5 minute Negative Constructive (we suggest arguing against the same Affirmative for the most educational benefit for the team).


Novice Public Forum: Novice Public Forum teams will deliver a Pro and Con Constructive on the current PF topic. One team member will deliver the Pro Constructive and the other will deliver a Con Constructive. Neither speech should exceed the 4 minute maximum for all PF debates.