SCDL Novice Champs SPEECH

2021 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Duo Procedures



Duo students should record themselves and upload their video either to a dropbox, an unpublished YouTube site or a google drive. 

Duos must have a two camera / split frame set up in observance of the LA County Dept. of Health guidelines - even if duo partners live in the same house.

One, OR both of the two duo members should go to the scheduled room for each round.   

When it is time for a particular duo to perform, one member of the duo will put the link to their duo recording in the chat box.  The entire round can then click on the link and individually watch the performance. 

It is suggested that during the watching of the individual duos, because of bandwidth and overheating, performers turn off their cameras and mute themselves while watching the individual performances.   

When the speech has concluded, the competitors can turn on their video as a signal to move on to the next performance.