Louisiana District Tournament

2021 — LA/US

Louisiana District Qualifier

for the 2021 National Tournament
Sat 2/27 Sat 2/27 HSE SEN
Speech and Debate
NSDA Campus

Registration Details

In addition to the typical registration of contestants and judges, there are some unique requirements to complete registration for the District Tournament:

1. School Consent Forms - each school must complete a School Consent Form. When you log in to tabroom and click on your registration for the District Tournament, there is a tab for "NSDA Forms". Click on that tab and download the School Consent Form for Mar 12-13. Print and sign. To upload the form, log back in to tabroom, click on your registration for this tournament, and then click on the "General" tab. There is a upload option on the right side of the screen.

2. Single Entry Letters of Intent - you must complete a form for every student who competes in at least two events at Districts (including Congress). At Nationals, a student is limited to participating in only one main event. The students must declare IN ADVANCE of Districts their priorities if they qualify in multiple events. For each student, you must designate which event the student would accept their qualification and which event(s), they would defer. For example, Greg Malis is registered in OO and USX. If OO is listed as the first event and USX is listed as second, then Greg would accept the OO qualification and defer the USX qualification. Once deferred, it moves to the next in line and is a permanent revocation of the qualification. The ONLY exceptions to the above requirement are students in team events (Policy, PF, Duo). If a student is in a team event and a solo event, they MUST attend the National tournament in team event UNLESS both partners are double entered and both defer their team event in favor of their solo event. Please get any questions about this answered before the tournament. I have seen coaches mess this up, which forced students to give up qualifications in BOTH events. The most common instance of a student losing ALL qualifications is when a coach fails to enter preferences at all.

New in 2021 - the paper/PDF version of the Single Entry letters do not need to be completed. Once the data is entered in tabroom, that is sufficient. However, you MAY complete the forms in order to have a paper copy, but the District Committee will ONLY use the preferences entered in tabroom when determining our final list of qualifiers.

3. Selection Information - Coaches need to enter title information in the prepared events (OO, Info, POI, HI, DI, Duo). To add this information into tabroom, log in to tabroom and click on the registration for this tournament. Then, click on the "Entries" tab. Next to each contestant, there should be an edit icon (looks like a pencil). Edit the registration for each of your students to include the requested information. For Districts, you do NOT need to upload manuscripts in advance. However, you must have them if we request them. If a piece is challenged, we may contact you. You may need to provide in a digital format the manuscript or the cutting. So, you should have digital versions of your students' speeches/scripts in case questions arise. If a piece is challenged and the coach cannot produce the requested materials, the student may be disqualified from the tournament.

Please remember that these are not local district decisions. In many cases, we are required to follow NSDA rules to the letter.