Lansing Invitational NIETOC

2021 — NSDA Campus, KS/US


The schedule will be as follows: 



Round 1: 3:30

Round 2: 4:30

Round 3: 5:30

Round 4: 7:00


Session 1: 3:30 - 5:00

Session 2: 5:30 - 7:00


EXT Draw: 7:30

Round 1: 8:00 -9:30

Round 2: 9:30 -11:00

Round 3: 11:00 -12:30

**Out Round 1: 1:00

**Out Round 2: 2:45

**Out Round 3: 4:30

SATURDAY (Recorded)

Video Submissions Due Tuesday 5pm

3 Async Prelims judged Thursday

Breaks Announced Friday Morning

Out Round Video Links sent Saturday morning.

**Out Round 1: 9:30

**Out Round 2: 11:00

**Out Round 3: 1:00


*Our awards assembly will begin A.S.A.P. both days

**Events will break to quarters/sems/finals based on prelim contestant numbers according to the nietoc bid pattern.

Entries will be $5 each and PFD and DUO will be $10 (or whatever you charge us at your invitational).



Async Events will submit one video which must include the name of our High school in the recording. “This is for the Lansing Invitational”

The same video will be used for prelims and finals. Submissions should be made via unlisted youtube links.

Final temporary video links will be sent to all registered coaches in order to foster the ability for students to learn from final performances.