University of Michigan HS Debate Tournament

2020 — NSDA Campus, MI/US

Final Announcements - Fri 11/6 - Evening

NSDA Campus
We are using the NSDA Campus platform which only runs on Google Chrome or Chrome-based browsers.
We have also uploaded an NSDA Campus guide which is available on the Tabroom site for the tournament. If you haven't used NSDA Campus before, I would highly recommend checking out this guide and watching this video overview:
Students and judges should complete a tech check with the site at
Help desk
Help email is On the NSDA Campus platform, there is also a form that you can fill out which will open a link to your email and send it to us. Please be as specific about any issues as possible and we will respond to your issues as quickly as we can. 
Prep/Tech time
For policy there will be 10 minutes of prep time and 10 minutes of "tech time." For public forum we are providing 3 minutes of prep time and 5 minutes of "tech time."
Tech time should be used for things like a student losing internet access, dropping out of the call, having audio or microphone problems. Tech time should NOT be used for tech issues that would have come up in in-person debate (not being able to send emails, not being able to save Word docs, etc) - those should be taken out of prep time. Once a team has used all of their allotted tech time AND prep time, they must forfeit the debate.
Check-in for rounds
Please join your room by the time posted for each round. NSDA campus will log whether or not you have entered the room so we can identify if you have joined the room even if you have to leave and come back. 
Members of our tab staff will be coming into rooms starting about 10 minutes before the posted start times to do double checks for any tech issues, ask you to start email chains and otherwise make sure you are ready to start the debate at the posted start time. 
Elimination Rounds
We will clear to full doubles/octas in the relevant divisions - there will be no byes in elims. 
Varsity Policy will clear to double-octafinals
JV Policy will clear to octafinals
Novice Policy will clear to double-octafinals
Varsity PF will clear to octafinals
Novice PF will clear to octafinals
We will use the Tabroom coinflip system for determining sides in all public forum rounds and in elimination rounds for policy (other than teams who have met in prelims, which would then be side-locked). 
Tabroom will text/email you 5 minutes after the pairing has been released with the winner of the coinflip. It is also available in the Dashboard for coaches and for students on their Tabroom account. 
If you win the flip, please select your side within 5 minutes on Tabroom, the same as you would an online strike card. You should also let your opponents know your choice. If you do not choose within 5 minutes your opponent will be given 5 minutes to choose; after that the computer will randomly select sides.