East Kansas District Tournament

2020 — KS/US

East Kansas District Qualifier

for the 2021 National Tournament
Policy Debate
Fri 12/11 Sat 12/12 CX
ONW Debate Room Spaces
Fri 3/26 Sat 3/27 HSE SEN

Policy Debate Information

Highlighted information reflects changes from the information which was originally distributed in early October.

Registration for the Policy Debate qualifier will open on Wednesday, November 11, and run through Monday, December 7. All entries AND judges must be finalized by 3pm on 12/7.


Friday, December 11

3:15 Pairing Round 1

3:30 Start Time Round 1

5:30 Pairing Round 2

5:45 Start Time Round 2

8:00 Pairing Round 3

8:15 Start Time Round 3

Saturday, December 12

7:30 Pairing Round 4

8:00 Start Time Round 4

10:15 Pairing - First Elimination Round

10:30 Start Time - First Elimination Round

12:45 Pairing - Second Elimination Round

1:00 Start Time - Second Elimination Round

3:15 Pairing - Third Elimination Round

3:30 Start Time - Third Elimination Round

5:45 Pairing - Fourth Elimination Round

6:00 Start Time - Fourth Elimination Round

[In the unlikely event that a 5th elimination debate is needed, it would be ASAP with an estimated start time of 8:30]

Judge Quota

1 entry = 1 judge

2-3 entries = 2 judges

4 entries = 3 judges


Judge coverage is required throughout the tournament, all the way through the last elimination round, regardless of how far a school’s entry advances. Judge assignments may be split from day to day and round to round. Head coaches should not serve as part of their primary judge coverage, as they will constitute the last-resort judge pool.



Qualifying Tournament

4 preliminary debates with 1 judge in each round, following NSDA Pilot Rules.

All 3-1 and 4-0 teams break to a double elimination bracket, with elimination rounds as needed to determine qualifiers. For a full explanation of the double elimination procedures, please see the Pilot Rules.

Speaker points out of 30 will be permitted to a tenth scale. A recommended scale will be published on judges’ ballots, but the District Committee will not hear any grievance regarding the points assigned by a judge.

The tournament strike policy from the East Kansas Manual will be followed, but please note the emphasized portion of this rule.

At East Kansas district tournaments every head coach will be given two (2) strikes before Round I of the District policy debate and IE/LD/PFD tournaments. When it is necessary to preserve tournament integrity, the committee may limit or suspend the judge strike system. The district chair, or his/her designee, shall set and announce the deadline for judge strikes for each tournament.

Recommended tournament platform: NSDA Campus (paid by East Kansas NSDA)

As described in the Pilot Rules, “Option 1: Preliminary Round Seeding” will be used to determine alternates as needed.