Madison Central Mid State Invitational

2020 — NSDA Campus, MS/US

Judge Obligations and Entry Fees

Judge Obligations and Entry Fees

  1. Judge Quotas: Each school must provide judges for each event based on a specific quota:

A.            INDIVIDUAL EVENTS: One judge for every ten entries or fraction thereof.

B.             DEBATE EVENTS

i.              1 judge for every 2 Lincoln-Douglas Debaters

ii.             1 judge for every 2 Public Forum Teams

iii.             1 judge for every Policy team.  If at all possible, schools with policy entries should provide judges with policy judging experience, and should indicate which judge(s) have such experience in the judge notes.

2.             Entry Fees

A.            $10 per entry in Individual Events other than Duo Interp and Duet Acting

B.             $12 per Duo Interp or Duet Acting entry

C.             $10 per Lincoln-Douglas debater

D.            $12 per Public Forum or Policy Debate team

E.             $10 per Congress entry

3.             Uncovered entries (meaning, judge quota is not met)

A.            Debate -- $25 per uncovered entry

B.             Individual events -- $5 per uncovered entry. 

C.             Complete buyouts are not allowed.  This means all schools must provide at least one judge in debate (if entered in debate) and at least one judge in IE's (if entered in IE's).


4.     All entry fees will be fixed as the Monday of the tournament. Drop fees will be assessed for any drops after that point.  Drop fees will be double the entry fees for any given entry. Judge fees for uncovered entries will be fixed as of the Tuesday deadline. Please email the tournament director with information regarding any drops as early as possible to avoid penalties. PLEASE NOTE: A judge who misses a ballot assignment will incur a $20 fine for their school, which must be paid prior to the release of the school's ballots.