MSDL Online Novice Tournament

2020 — Online, MA/US

Debate coach page

Coaches with students competing in either Public Forum or Lincoln-Douglas debate -

Please review the following information:



Check your tournament contact information -

When you click on the tournament registration link on your Tabroom home page, you will see the tournament contact information.  Be sure: (1) the information is correct, (2) that person will be reachable by tab during the day of the tournament, and (3) that person has contact information for all your competitors.  NOTE - Tabroom does NOT have contact information for your competitors (to protect their privacy).  So - if we need to reach them, we will need to be in communication with your contact.

Make sure all your judges and competitors have linked Tabroom accounts. 

See this video (here). 

Written instructions, including a description of how to add new students to your school roster, are here.

Direct your judges to the DEBATE JUDGE PAGE (a button under TOURNAMENT PAGES & FORMS on the right side of the tournament main page).

Direct your competitors to the DEBATE COMPETITOR PAGE - same location.