Melissa Cardinal Autumn Classic UIL

2020 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

Tech Tips/Connection Solutions

Here are various connection tips that will help you as you navigate NSDA Campus. 

1. Camera off: Judges ALLOW THE STUDENT TO HAVE A CAMERA OFF. Both students and competitors. 

2. Icognito Mode: Go into this and go into tabroom. 

3. NO FIREFOX and NO SAFARI: DO not use ANY of these browsers. They're awful for NSDA Campus. 

4. NO PHONE: IF you are trying to access the interent via your phone you will be logged out. 

5. Reduced Windows Open: If you are having trouble, make sure that the number of windows is to a minimum (i.e. your tabroom account, your NSDA Campus, and Email [if you need it]). 

6. Corded Connection: If you are having wifi troubles, make sure that you have some sort of corded connection via an ethernet cable. This is the best way to do things. 

7. Updated Device: if you are trying to use a device with a processor lower than an i3, you will have large issues hearing the debate/ 

8. Plug and Unplug the headphones: Sometimes, judges wlll be unable to hear things because the competitor has in headphones in which need to be plugged in and then out again. This usually happens whenever you have multiple platforms open (e.g. multiple zoom and NSDA Campus rooms open).