Cal Parli Invitational

2020 — Online, CA/US


(All times Pacific)


Friday October 9

 Optional (encouraged) Discord Check-In for all participants 6:00-7:00 PM in #checkins

(If you check in on Friday, you do not need to check in on Saturday morning.)


Saturday October 10


Please note that these times may be advanced if there are not significant technical problems during Round 1. Any schedule changes will be posted in the announcements doc.


Open Division Mandatory Check-In in #checkins (If you checked in Friday, you can skip!)

Last Name A-J 6:45-7:00 AM

Last Name K-R 7:00-7:15 AM

Last Name S-Z 7:15-7:30 AM

(All Open Debaters and Judges; this is very important in order for you to participate in Round 1.)  


General Online Platform Instructions and Equity Briefing (All Open Participants) 7:45 AM #ga


Open Judge Orientation 8:00 AM #ga

Open Round 1 Topic  8:00 AM #announcements

Open Round 1 Debate Start 8:20 AM


Novice Mandatory Check-In 8:15-8:45 AM (Novice Debaters and Judges Who Have Not Checked In) #checkins


General Online Platform Instructions and Equity Briefing (All Novice Participants) 8:45 AM #ga


Novice Judge Orientation 9:00 AM #ga


Novice Round 1 Topic  9:00 AM #announcements

Novice Round 1 Debate Start 9:20 AM


Open Round 2 Topic  10:30 AM

Open Round 2 Debate Start 10:20 AM


Novice Round 2 Topic  11:30 AM

Novice Round 2 Debate Start 11:20 PM


Open Lunch


Open Round 3 Topic  12:30

Open Round 3 Debate Start 12:50 PM


Novice Lunch


Novice Round 3 Topic  1:30 PM

Novice Round 3 Debate Start 1:50 PM


Open Round 4 Topic  2:30 PM

Open Round 4 Debate Start 2:50 PM


Novice Round 4 Topic  3:30 PM

Novice Round 4 Debate Start 3:50 PM


Open Round 5 Topic  4:30 PM

Open Round 5 Debate Start 4:50 PM


Novice Round 5 Topic  5:30 PM

Novice Round 5 Debate Start 5:40 PM


Speaker Awards


Sunday October 11

(All judges obligated one round after the last team from your school is eliminated)


Check In 7:30AM


Open Double Octofinals/Novice Elim 1 8:00AM


Open Octofinals/Novice Elim 2 9:30AM


Open Quarterfinals/Novice Elim 3 11:00AM


Lunch 12:30PM


Semifinals/Novice Elim 4 (if held) 2:00PM


Finals 3:30PM