Cal Parli Invitational

2020 — Online, CA/US

UPDATE 10/8/2020

1. The tournament will allow open prep (no limitations).

2. Debaters may not perform additional research during the round, or privately communicate with anyone other than their partner.

3. Debaters may cite evidence obtained during prep time, without any unusual restrictions or limitations.

4. The resolutions/motions will mostly be “California style” (e.g., “USFG should X”; “Y does more harm than good”), but some topics will be in “This House” format (“This House” would/believes/prefers/supports/regrets X).

5. We have posted an online best practices document -- see sidebar at right.

6. We have also posted detailed instructions for using the Discord/MIT-Tab interface (see sidebar). All participants should enter their Discord ID in the collection form by Friday morning at 10 a.m.


7. Sides in outrounds will be assigned by the tabbing software: whichever side has been Gov fewer rounds at the tournament will be assigned Gov. If the teams have had equal numbers of rounds as Gov, the software will assign sides randomly. We will not be doing flips.


UPDATE 10/6/2020

Payment info is in the sidebar.

The Discord ID collector form is here.

To upload release forms, edit the team.

Please see the revised tentative schedule in the sidebar; it is critical that all participants (not just all schools) check-in at the designated times in order for the tournament to run on time. Consider the Friday evening option!

The topic area for one preliminary round is United States Supreme Court.


Dear Coaches and Debaters:

The Debate Society of Berkeley invites you to attend the 5th annual Cal Parli Invitational on October 10-11, 2020.

We will be offering five preliminary rounds in both divisions. We plan to break to Double Octofinals in the Open division, and Octofinals in Novice, subject to adjustment based on final field size. 

The Debate Society of Berkeley is the largest parliamentary debate team on the University of California, Berkeley campus, and as in previous years, there will be a large number of college parli debaters in the judging pool. The Cal Parli Invitational is one of the largest parliamentary debate tournaments of the year. Teams from several states on both coasts are registered to compete at the tournament.

This online tournament has been autoapproved for NPDL points.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions regarding the tournament. We anticipate a fun, competitive, and educational tournament and hope to see you there!

Best regards,


Debate Society of Berkeley



• A team is eligible to compete in the novice division if neither partner competed in any form of debate before the 2020-21 season. Teams composed of two middle school students are also eligible for the novice division.

• Hybrid teams should be registered under the names of both schools. (Please contact us if unusual circumstances make this impossible.) We do not guarantee that they will be protected against hitting a team from a constituent school, although it is very unlikely.

• Any team, including a club or independent team, that is not registered under the name of the school the students attend must have written permission from a school administrator or coach to attend. The written permission should be submitted at least 7 days before the tournament. We reserve the right to decline such requests on a case-by-case basis; please contact us as early as possible. Teams may not avoid per-school entry caps by registering under a different name.



• Entry fees are $50 per open team. $45 per novice team.

• Judging Fee: $200 per uncovered team. This will be assessed as of October 4. Judges are obligated through one round after the last team from their school is eliminated. 

• Late Fee: $30 for adding a team or changing a judge after the deadline (in addition to the entry fee), or for any changes in the last 24 hours before the tournament. Entry fees for teams dropped after the "fees frozen" date will not be refunded.

• Missed ballot penalty: $50 ($100 for an elim round). This is for ballots not picked up, or with no decision entered within 30 minutes after round ends. Please make sure your judges understand their responsibilities.

• The Debate Society of Berkeley is committed to making the tournament accessible to all teams, regardless of means. If the entry fees would be a hardship, please contact us. Fee waivers will be available based on need.



• You must provide 1 judge per 2 teams entered or fraction thereof.

• The tournament will follow NPDL online round rules and online best practices.

• The online platform will be announced in advance of the tournament. We anticipate using the same platform as the NPDL Fall Tournament scheduled for October 24-25.

• The Tab Director will be Joel Jacobs, who has experience running and tabbing successful online tournaments.

• The members of the topic committee will be announced at least two weeks before the tournament. Topic area(s) will be released one week prior to the tournament.

• Conflicts created by club teams and other organizations are the responsibility of the teams and their judges to be aware of and disclose to tab. A judge who receives a ballot to judge a team affiliated with the same club as the judge must notify tab immediately, or the affected ballot will be given to the other team.

• An adult chaperone must be reachable by telephone or text message at all times during the tournament.

• Some rounds will be recorded and publicly available for educational purposes.

• Release forms for all competitors must be uploaded by 9 am on October 8, 2020. Blank forms can be downloaded, and completed forms uploaded, under the "Entries" tab.