Thunderbolt Middle School Invitational

2018 — Fremont, CA/US



This is the formal invitation to the 2018 Thornton Middle School Invitational.


All events will be held on the Thornton Junior High School campus at 4357 Thornton Avenue, Fremont CA, 94536 and are only open to middle school students.


Payment will be due on the day of the tournament. Double entry is permitted, but no student will be allowed to compete unless their fee has been paid. 


If you have judges who can only come for certain days/rounds there is a way to indicate that on the tabroom website.  After you have entered the judge there will be a link for "availability."  When you click on that link you will be able to turn off judges for particular round/days.  It's very important that you enter that information into the website to avoid missed judging fees.




One judge is required for every three entries.


____ entries in DI, EXT, HI, IMP, OO, EXPOS x $25

____ entries in DUO x $30

School Fee: $30