2018 — New York, NY/US

Tournament Location & Meals

18th-floor DYCD office at 2 Lafayette Street.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided

8-9 -- Registration


Tournament registration will occur in advance.  During this time, Providers will simply confirm their registration and make sure there are changes in student entry.  Please notify us by email or text (781-775-0433) of any last minute changes as soon as you know them, but we also need to confirm registration accuracy on the 24th.

Coaches/Providers can register right on this website for the tournament, but if they are unsure how to do so then they should simply email to register.

9-11 -- Workshops

To help provide maximum support for students in the tournament we will have a number of morning workshops that are designed to support student preparation. These are designed so that even students with no previous training can be prepared to debate on Saturday.

Workshops include --

Introduction to Public Forum debate format

Responsibilities of the Speaker

Understanding Topic Arguments

How to Engage in a Rebuttal

Crossfire Supports

Speaking Well

11-3:30 -- Competition and awards


11-12 -- Debate Round 1

12-1   -- Lunch and debaters debrief with coaches   Based on anticipated entries (40 teams),
1-2 -- Debate Round 2

2-3  -- Debaters debrief with coaches and our staff

3 -- Awards
3:30 Dismissal