NSDA Taiwan District Tournament

2018 — TW

April 7,8 NSDA Taiwan District Tournament


Must Read Tournament Rules

Tournament Schedule



SECONDARY EVENTS (Grades 6 – 12)

  • Speech: Original Oratory (G6-12); click for instruction
  • NPF: Novice Public Forum (G6-8); 1 year/less debate experience
  • OPF: Open Public Forum (G7-12)
  • CX: Policy (G6-12)
  • LD: Lincoln Douglass (G6-12)
  • WSD: World School Debate; Parliamentary Format (G9-12)


NSDA topics will be released here on 2/1 : https://www.speechanddebate.org/topics/




  • 4/7 Secondary Preliminary @NTNU
  • 4/8 Elementary & Secondary Elims &  Finals @NTNU


All judges must receive judge training by two methods: A) via LINE or email and B) April 7-8 face-to-face training from 7:30 – 8:30 AM.


  • Debate partner can be from a different school for the Taiwan District, but a partner must be from the same school for the U.S. NSDA.
  • Double entries ONLY permitted for grade 1-4 if both entries are speech events. For all other situations, NOT permitted. 


As of January 2018, Scott Wunn has designated ADL as the exclusive sponsor of NSDA Taiwan District that is responsible for 1) membership registration, 2) NSDA fee collection, 3) NSDA points maintenance, and 4) district tournaments operation.

Non-Profit Operation: NSDA tournaments are run on non-profit basis as shown in the attached cost analysis of 2017 tournament hosted by ADLCost items A and B below go to NSDA office in the U.S. and cost item C includes the travel costs of NSDA representatives coming to Taiwan, facility rental, trophies, lunch, judge & staff compensations, and other costs related to the operation of this tournament. Cost item D is spent on hiring judges. 

  1. Annual School Membership:
    • High School – NT 4,500
    • Middle School – NT 3,000
    • Elementary – NT 1,500
  2. Onetime Student Membership:
    • High School – NT 1,000
    • Middle School – NT 1,000
    • Elementary – NT 1,000
  3. Tournament Registration:
    • 1 entry – NT$ 4,000 per person
    • 20% off on group entry if paid by 1/31
    • 10% off on individual entry if paid by 2/10
    • Registration Deadline – 3/10
  4. Judging fee:
    • NT 4,000 will be waived if a school provides either a parent or teacher judge per 8 students; if not, must pay NT 4,000.
  5. Optional:If your school does not manage NSDA points for you, then a student can pay ADL 1,500 NT annually to 1) record NSDA points and 2) receive NSDA Certificates. Read more about NSDA points here: https://asiandebateleague.com/points/njfl-points/


For your convenience, all fees can be wired to ADL account directly.

帳號: 201540033174,
戶名: 亞太語文思辯股份有限公司

CTBC Bank, North Tianmu Branch
Bank #: CTCBTWTP201
Account #: 201540033174,
Account Name: Asian Debate League (亞太語文思辯股份有限公司)