Great Communicator Debates NAUDL Online Qualifier

2018 — Chicago, IL/US

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation is partnering with the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues to host the Great Communicator Debates NAUDL Online Qualifier on Saturday, May 5, 2018
$50,000 in scholarships are available to competitors.
RESOLVED: The United States should shift the power of congressional redistricting away from state legislatures. 
Online venue:  
Please follow this link to the Zoom room hosted by the Regan foundation.
Start time: 
Registration and the online debate space will open at 9:30 AM Central Time on Saturday May 5th. Tournament staff will be available to answer questions and help troubleshoot technology.  Orientation for debaters and judges will begin at 10 AM.  
You must be checked in with the tournament on Zoom by 10 AM to be included on the Round 1 pairings.  
Troubleshooting Zoom: 
  • If you experience issues start with the Zoom FAQ.  
  • If that does not resolve your issues call 312-427-0389 for further assistance.  
Useful links:
Please email or call 312-427-0389 with any issues before the tournament.

Please review the tabs to the side for specific information.                             

This is an online tournament.

Only debaters who attend urban debate league school may compete in this event.  If you are not a UDL debater you may register for the general online qualifier.

Overview for the entire Great Communicator Debate Series can be found at the Reagan Foundation.