Vikings Invitational

2018 — Fremont, CA/US

Irvington High School presents:

Vikings Invitational 2018

Fremont, California

Sunday February 18, 2018


Irvington High School invites you and your debate crew to Irvington’s second annual debate tournament, Vikings Invitational, to be held on February 18th, 2018, at Irvington High School in Fremont, California.


We are also pleased to announce that we are able to provide TOC points for those interested in the National Tournament of Champions.


We are asking schools to register online.  We are capping each school’s entries to five (5) teams per Novice and five (5) teams per Open. We will expand this cap, and open the waitlist as space permits. This tournament is open to high school teams, middle school teams, and independent entries.


If you have any questions regarding the tournament that are not answered here, please email Rishabh Meswani (


Web Based Entry Procedures:

All competitors must be registered by: February
16th, 8PM

Judge entries are due by: February 16th, 8PM

Online drops and name changes until: February 17th, 8PM

Nuisance fees apply after: February 17th, 8PM


Note that after February 16th at 8PM, judge burdens and entry fees will still apply for dropped entries.




One judge for every two debate teams. Official names for all judges should be entered by February 17th, 8PM. The penalty for a judge not showing up can be up to $100 a round.



This tournament will cost $50 per debate team. Please make checks payable to "IHS Debate Club".  Make sure that the checks are written out and given during tournament registration.

Use the following to assist in determining registration amount due.

_____ (number of Novice AND Open teams) * $50 = ___________________

Fees for uncovered debate rounds / judges no-showing / etc: $100/team/round.  We would much prefer you provide judges than money to cover judging fees.



One topic will be provided for each parli round.


Competition will be divided into a Novice and Open Division. Novice is defined as a student’s first year of competition, or not advancing to an elimination round in your first two years of competition, regardless of debate format. All students that don’t fit this definition should be placed in Open.



Five (5) teams per division per school. As stated earlier, we will expand the cap, and open the waitlist as space permits. If all schools have an equal amount of entries, waitlisted entries will be moved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Furthermore, those schools that cover judges for their waitlisted entries will be given priority.


General Rules:

The tournament will consist of five debate rounds in both the Novice and Open divisions.  Both divisions will receive awards.  Speaker awards will be distributed as well.


Debate Rules:

We will accept hybrid teams in debate.   Brackets will be broken to avoid teams from the same school hitting each other. We provide 1 topic per round.



There will be no coach prep allowed; however, group prep is permitted.  Computers are allowed during prep time.  While internet is expected to be provided, the tournament has no obligation for providing internet. If there are technical difficulties that prevent the internet from being provided, the tournament will continue. Only material written during prep time will be allowed during the round.  Computers are not allowed during the round.



February 18th, 2018

7:30-8:00  School Registration +Fees

8:00  Judges Meeting 

9:35  Round 1 Topic           

9:45 Round 1 

11:00 Round 2 Topic

11:10  Round 2 

12:30-1:30 LUNCH  

1:30  Round 3 Topic

1:40 Round 3 

 Round 4 Topic

3:10 Round 4 

4:20 Round 5 Topic

 Round 5