UHSAA Region 7 Tournament

2018 — UT/US

Welcome to Region VII Debate Tournament 2018.

Each coach is to supply 10 quotes, 10 abstract and 10 people/current event topics for Impromptu by Feb 17, 2018.

As tabroom pairs and completes the tournament settings without need of a pairing meeting, unless you all feel we really need one, we will forgo the pairing meeting that is stated in the region handbook.

Each school may bring 3 individuals in each speech event, 4 in each Debate event, and 6 in Congress.

The top 10 or 50% in each category will qualify for state, whichever is greater. However, at state you can only bring 2 in each IE and 3 in Each debate unless using the substitution rule. Ask me for help or clarification if needed when we get to that point.

The top 3 teams will get to bring a full slate to state as long as they competed at region competition.

Topics for Extemp, as stated by our region handbook, will come from the NFHS lists from December through February.

We WILL be using online judging, so judges must have tabroom accounts and bring a device with them to be able to judge on. 

Congress Docket will be uploaded as soon as I can get it made.