NSDA Middle School Nationals

2018 — Fort Lauderdale, FL/US

Follow the steps in the "How to Register" tab to the right to register for the 2018 Middle School National Tournament. 

Please contact Lauren Burdt at lauren.burdt@speechanddebate.org with any questions.

During registration, you'll have the option to purchase the Resource Package and t-shirts:

1. Preparing for the National Tournament? Check out our Team Resource Package! 

We offer the best resources around for coaches, debaters, interpers, extempers, and more—all for one low price. Check out the amazing videos, classes, textbooks, and other items available to you! All member students and coaches in your program will receive full access to resources with the purchase of one package. You can purchase the Resource Package here and you will be given access within 24 hours. Read more about the benefits on our website! 

2. Pre-purchase t-shirts and pick them up at the tournament! Check out the t-shirt design.

Important Notice

The 2016 Salt Lake City National Tournament was the last time a club or non-school member could enter the Middle School National Tournament. The Board of Directors affirms the creation, support, and development of speech and debate programs and the middle and secondary levels through accredited public and private schools. Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, all members of the Association must be school-based. For any club or organization that does not currently have a school-based membership, the Association is eager to work with you to create school based speech and debate teams. Students who are currently Association members through their area non-school-based clubs and organizations may request to have their membership transferred to their accredited public and private schools. Homeschools and virtual schools that are recognized by the state in which those schools compete may join the National Speech & Debate Association.